Sunday, February 26, 2012

The lawsuit has been settled!

Our legal battle with General Motors (GM) is over and we are once again the owners of the name "Puppy Mill"! The win came at a great cost and many months in court, which we wont go into as it has been extensively covered in our weekly band newsletter. All we have to say is FUCK GM!

Now we can legally start practicing and legally play shows again!

Some recent reviews of our demo:
Puppy Mill “Demo 2011” cassette
First things first: way into this band name. A new fave. This is a pretty well done, mid-fi produced cassette. One that could swing a vinyl release. The Puppies (from Boston) sling about an early KRS style grrl-power (only one femme tho’) or even a bit of 7Year Bitch/L7 in the riffage. Not overpowering, but has a total grunge-punk vibe. It ain’t all Nineties wrapping around the heads, though. There’s a good amount of thrashiness, early hardcore and late Seventies (esp. since there’s a Rings cover) as well. Songs about cats (purring included), trying to get laid, and being drunk on a bike. All things on the minds of the young adult today. Vocals are breathy and mostly sung with an eXene (or even a bit of Romeo Void) kinda slur. A coherent Jenna Tyrade? Pretty grande, either/any way. 100 copies exist. B-lank B-side so you can record Art Bell or something for a long drive.(RSF)
Really good and delicious female fronted Punk/Hardcore band with a Garage's feel and with an 80's sound flavour!.Imagine a cross between The Avengers , Sin34 and The Gits.Fucking cool moving songs filled with a really hot pleasing groove and combined with the adorable , charming and charismatic voice of Jessica.Their music is quite driving as hell with a plethora of catchy and exciting moments!.Highly recommended!.For more details about the band you have to go here

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Show!!(*#*#()))#_

Loft are a modular synth duo. These dudes work for Wilco.

Fuxa Natra can sound like whatever they want! The handsome bartender at Zuzu plays in this band.

Puppy Mill do their best to sound like L7 or something. Their bass player is moving to Chile after this show so catch them now before the start sucking up the reunion circuit.

Monday, Sept 19th @ Zuzu, 474 Mass Ave in Central Square
10pm sharp, 21+, this show is FREE FREE FREE

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Several Shows!

eh yo, we're playing a few shows in the month of September.

- Saturday 9/10 at The Underground in Provincetown w/ The Stoned Ambassadors (NY) and Codeine School Boy. Bring a couple bucks for bands, starts at 9pm.

- Monday 9/19 at Zuzu in Cambridge w/ Fuxa Natra and Loft. 10pm and Free!

Also, all online retailers are sold out of our demo, and we'll have the last few copies at the above shows.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Punk News Review

Completely unsolicited!

Puppy Mill Demo [cassette] (2011) self-released Reviewer Rating: **** Contributed by: Rich27 (others Published on July 5th 2011

It’s not often that I’d think a demo release would warrant a review, but it’s really hard to ignore Puppy Mill’s nine-track effort that was released on cassette but is also available from a variety of sources as a download. This four-piece Boston-based female-fronted band manage to evoke memories of some great bands from over the years, both through the steady and strong musicality of the release but also through vocalist Jessica’s performance (not only can she sing, but she can miaow too!). Although sounding very much like a band of the new millennium, it cannot be denied that listening to all nine tracks (eight originals and one cover, “Automobile”, released in 1977 by the Rings—thanks to Al Quint’s review for that information) reminds me of singers like Exene Cervenka and Penelope Houston. 
With a thick, deep sound that is maintained throughout all the tracks, Puppy Mill produce tuneful punk rock that has a choppy, garage-y feel to it whilst ensuring that there is an edge to both the music and the message. If this is a demo then I am on tenterhooks to hear what they can manage through a ‘proper’ release, although that is not to decry the sound quality here as it certainly doesn't sound as if it was just thrown together. 
The other pleasing aspect of these nine tracks is that there is enough variation in terms of style to show that Puppy Mill can step up and provide a musical feast to savour. 
Well worth checking out either on cassette or the more easily playable digital download—a band worth keeping an eye on and both ears open for.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MRR Gives Us a Warm Hug

From this months issue of Mrr. 

PUPPY MILL - Female fronted garage-y punk that clearly embraces the 90s. The vocals are the highlight and beg comparisons as far as L7 and Veruca Salt, but the music manages to stay aggressive even while PUPPY MILL crank out mid tempo catchy garage bangers. Great fukken tunes.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


what a lovely review from Suburban Voice!

This relatively new Boston band play various permutations of punk, garage, rock and even hardcore on their debut demo. “Suffocation” provides some jabbing garage rock, “Control” picks things up to a thrashier pace, while “Suffocation” and “Men For Men” are both moody rockers. There’s post-punkish flavor for “Vaccine” that intersperses a steady pulse with freeform bursts. The cover choice is pretty obscure—the Rings’ ’77 one-off “Automobile.” Jessica sings in a lower register but she’s expressive and has range. An auspicious debut and reinforced with warm, punchy production.